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PPPI Service Center

Financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy (BMAW) and by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), the PPPI Service Center or (national competence center for innovation procurement)  acts as the single point of contact for pre-commercial procurement and innovation procurement issues in Austria. It also initiates and conducts pilot projects and offers services in the fields of further education and training, in addition to running the innovation platform The PPPI Service Center was established within the Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) in 2013.

The BBG is the central purchasing body for the Federal Government of Austria. It was established in 2001 to provide central procurement services to federal ministries, in particular to negotiate framework contracts and make them available to the federal state as well as to other public entities. Its primary tasks are to “bundle” requirements to obtain better prices and terms from suppliers and to standardise public purchasing to reduce processing costs and legal risks. BBG is fully owned by the Federal Republic of Austria, represented by the Ministry of Finance.

Innovation Procurement Network

So-called competence and contact centers established in existing institutions (e.g. aws, FFG) create a correspondingly comprehensive governance structure. This structure ensures the interconnection and usability of knowledge related to innovation procurement within Austria, without incurring any significant additional costs. This is made possible by expanding the missions of existing institutions instead of creating new ones. The competence and contact centers support the implementation of the “Action Plan for Public Procurement Promoting Innovation (PPPI) in Austria” with their complementary know-how.



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